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The city & landscape 3D modeling software

Plan, manage and promote territories thanks to interactive 3D
Model cities and landscape in 3D from geospatial data. Import your CAD project and visualize its integration in its real environment. Compare the possible project variations and their evolutions over the time. Share your results producing images, videos or publishing real-time 3D models. All this, without any 3D expertise!

LandSIM3D® allows the fusion of geospatial data (images, terrain, GIS) with 3D or CAD objects in a realtime 3D georeferenced environment. 3D virtual models of entire cities and landscapes can thus be modeled easily and extensively to improve decision making related to planning, management and development of sites and territories.

LandSIM3D® is made for you:

  • Urban Planners, Landscape Architects
  • Local Authorities, Municipalities
  • Civil Engineering (Railway, Road, Energy)
  • Regions, Natural Parks, Preserved Areas
  • Forestry Management, Mines and Quarries

What are the advantages of LandSIM3D®?
Unlike the other 3D solutions, LandSIM3D® doesn't convert the geospatial source data (DTM, GIS ...) into polygons (heavy and complex) to store the final model but conserve the vector and raster shapes to model the scene in 3D on the fly depending on the position the observer. The 2D & 3D content of the LandSIM3D® models can thus be edited and modified more easily. The scenes can be more detailed over much larger dimensions with a storage volume considerably reduced.

LandSIM3D® models can be produced from orthophotos mapped on digital terrains completed with vector maps automatically converted to 3D/CAD objects imported into the main market standards.